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Protecting your tech with bling!

This isn’t too foreign of an idea for me. Synthetic sapphire is frequently used in high-pressure or high-temperature scenarios in laboratories that glass otherwise couldn’t handle. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see synthetic diamonds become commonplace. Since carbon is a cheap and easy molecule to gather, the difficulty is just making and shaping the diamonds, which is becoming a more efficient process.

Do you guys think this would be useful for you?

I would love a sapphire screen and not have to worry about scratching. Generally the only thing these days which most people run into that will scratch a phone screen is sand, as it’s harder than the glass. Working in an agricultural environment I imagine that there are things in the environment that are bad for phones. Does anyone use hardened protection like an Otter Box? Or do you find that you don’t end up needing to worry about your phone getting beat up.

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