Pruning lower part of plant for bigger colas

So i have been reading about pruning the bottom of the plants so they make better bigger colas. I have some bushy branches. under the plants i would like some guidence in trimming it up a little. Here is a pic under the canopy.


How old are the plants? I strip everything except for the top 4-6 nodes during the first 2 weeks of flower.


It also matters how many lumens per square foot you are producing. More lumens will penetrate more of the canopy. 4 or 5 nodes is a good guideline, but that will depend on the strain. I just trimmed up about the bottom third of my grow. I’m Running 6200 lumens/sf. Nothing drives me crazy like having the crap wispy flowers too low on the plant!


The plants are like 9 days into flower!

Im running 2 quantum boards which are meant to flower a 3’x3’ area. So i put 2 of them together in a 4x4 tent. And im getting 64k+ lumens at canopy.

That max 92310 is at 6" from the light.

I’ve been thinking the same. Would they be any good to clone? The thought of chopping the bottom and not doing anything with the cuts just doesn’t sit easy with me. I always think back a few years helping my buddy with his grow, he would always say well cut this and let all the nutrients and growing power go up to these other girls.

Yeah i cloned them already. I got 12 in the turbo cloner. And 2 mothers and lots of seeds. I hate to waste them also. But its too late to flip back. There already on the bloom nutrients. And i tried cloning a budding plant with not so good of results.

Give them a good cleaning up/trim once stretch is done.

Wait what? Trim once the stretch is done?
Check this out! Anyone remember this little guy.

Here it is today. Its turning out to be a little beast!

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Yeah. Flip, stretch, defoliate. Once the plants are no longer growing they can be given their final shaping.
Lots of people do multiple defoliations. There are a lot of ways to do it. Try a few out and see what you like best.


Ahh that makes sense. I will thanks. I also messed up and put all my plants into flower. Lol i had a mother i didnt want to flower. But i did clone them and have 12 clones. I have one mother but is tall and gangly i do no like it. I have a bushy one i want to make a mother.

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So what I do is creat a canopy on all of mine I strip almost everything hlf way up the plant if it’s not a Maine stem it goes so smaller branches big leavs small leaves untill I get to where all my branches from about hlf way up the entire plant all’s that’s left are my main stems w larger branches and I don’t trim anything else to the day of or 2 days prior I leave all my floiage on from that point I do verry little pruning

I also red that it’s a myth but I started kind of Loli popping but not I leave alot more foliage on and my bud tens to taste and yeilds better

Have u ever looked up Kyle’s kush man he does a decent demo on YouTube

But he bends alot to so but the idea of the pruning part of the demo is pretty much what I do