Puna black cherry

Two weeks light dep 11/13
Started as golden voice on Maui in the cane fields circa early 80’s


I still grow Maui in one of my Colorado grows that we got back in the early 90s. We got the seeds from some people that had been growing it since the late 60s. Its still going strong and still tests out at around 30%. Maui helped get me a nice little rep back in the day. Lol
I used to have the Puna Budder back in early 2000 I got It from someone in vanCouver that I met at the melting pot years ago. I wish I could get that one back. Oh man it was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Anyway…I am curious to know some more on puna black cherry. Anything that has the name puna in it gets my attention. Hahahaha