Question,could I put 4x 1000w light in my 8x8 tent without it effecting my plants

I just bought 4 raptor 6 air cooled reflectors,wanted to know should I put 1000w bulbs or 600w bulbs…
I want to put 6-7 plants up under each light and hoping to bring back 4 oz a plant.Please let me know what you all think .

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Personally I think too much light for that area, imagine that, too much light :wink:

A 1000 watt light will cover about 7x7 feet of growing area
A 600 watt will cover 6x6 feet
A 400 will cover 4x4 feet
A 250 will cover 3x3 feet
A 150 will cover 2x2 feet.

Others of course will chime in, that will have a ton of heat, you would need some AC for sure

2 600w 8x8 tent about 16 plants iirc


@g-shoq. You could flower that 8x8 very well with 2 - 1000 w lights.
A fresh 1000 will flower a 4 x 5 area. 20sq ft.
( I run one.:wink: )
2 would be perfect in the 8x8 with a bit to spare.
Vented hoods would be a must have for sure.
You could do it with the 600 s but yield could be affected.
6-7 plants per light is pushing the available space but still very doable. Just have to realize how big they can get. And train accordingly.
They can get big. :joy::+1::v:
Last harvest gave me 5 zips each cured with 4 plants. :+1:


It’s been over 10 years since I ran hps but I always ran 1000w bulbs


Just picked up a new bulb today. :wink::v:


I checked your numbers and it sounds like a good plan to me, assuming you can keep the humidity and temperature in check.