Question for Business Owners - what enterprise software is there for cannabis growers?

Hello all, I am a college student enrolled in software engineering.

I want to know from those in the cannabis industry what software you use to manage your growing operations. And also, if you could hire someone to make custom software for your business to streamline production, inventory reports, etc., what you would ask them to make.



I’d encourage you to get familiar with all of the reporting standards and documents that are required by local/state/federal agencies, and the kinds of workflow that need to be monitored and recorded.

There are some great small-farm enterprise software solutions that allow for tracking of hours, crop inputs, yields etc. There are also pieces of software that are government-mandated for keeping track of production batches and inventory levels for the purposes of large-scale recalls and black-market-diversion-minimization.

I’m a big advocate of software, and automating things to keep people doing the kinds of creative and connective work that they’re made for! I hope this gives you a bit of a peek under the hood of what you’re working toward.


I came across yesterday. Looks interesting, I’ve considered reaching out to them to see if I can view a demo.


I would have you make connections so other equipment can be plugged in and controlled with the software. Automatic adjustment of environmental factors based on sensor input.

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Thanks for the great answer

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Oh wow, you already beat me to it. I stumbled across this a couple weeks ago, registered and then got a license error. A week later, Tony, called from Oregon asking how things are going with the software.

The link demo is here:

I think this OPENTHC software rocks and makes excel spreadsheets a thing of the past. I am keen to try a hosted solution to. It seems the monthly figure is a bit steep for me, $150 per month I was quoted.

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