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Questions on Fans in tents

Currently have my tents equipped with in-line fans, and small Hurricane fans (non-oscillating) unfortunately.

They are all set on the same timers as the lights.
And I’m noticing humidity skyrockets during lights-off.

However, everything I’ve read about fans is the warning of “DO NOT RUN 24/7”.

So I’m wondering if I SHOULD be running at least my in-line fans 24/7, or if adding small oscillating fans 24/7 would help alleviate the lights-off humidity issue.
Or, should I just leave all fans on 24/7.

I definitely want to avoid too much moisture once these gals get into flower.


Hi @inkfromblood

I dont think there is any problem running fans 24/7 and they are built to run 24/ 7. You could consider turning them every hour or so during darkness to exchange the air.


I exchange the air every hour in my room and run fans 24/7.

I also do not pay much attention to the humidity while the lights are off. I’ve yet to have any issues at all humidity wise.


I always run my fans 24/7 @inkfromblood. I honestly have never heard not too.


My fans run all the time


It seems to be a manufacturers warning on the fans themselves, or in the manuals.

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I have heard of fans catching fire in the past @inkfromblood. I think that was the oscillating type. I stopped using mine after that. Now I only use the clip on style 6 inch fans. But again they run 24/7 to keep a little breeze on my plants at all times.


If I recall it was the small vivosun fan they stopped selling because of it catching on fire and not 100% sure but wasn’t a oscillating fan but could be wrong on that and that’s rare lol
Jk, but we have 16” oscillating wall fans run 24/7 always. I do think if you have the room for fans probably best to run a set on timers to save the life of them but we don’t. Just replaced one two weeks ago been running 24/7 for 3 yrs… :v:t2:
Ps, I apologize for typos,I fixed them all I think, been hanging around olskoot to long hahaha