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Rabbit poop fertilizer

How do outdoor growers feel about rabbit poop as fertilizer?


I have never used it but a bit of looking tells me you are on the right track.It doesnt need to be composted 1st to use.It is not HOT like chicken or pig manure.Start with that and in a few weeks you will noticed if you are lacking anything in the nutrients.I use soil and am assuming you are also.Dont go overboard on nutes.Slow and steady because you can always add more but it sucks once you over fert.Keep us posted
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One of your best manures. You can also make a nice fertilizer tea using rabbit droppings.

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I always use bat guano!!! But rabbit I have never heard of!!! Make sure it isn’t too hot for the young plants but if you are growing in land you should have less worries with it! Good luck:)