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Raw Pounds of Cannabis Produced in the US Per Annum - A 2017 Estimate

Hey everyone!

I wrote this article based on information that I have and that was publicly available. Tell me your thoughts, I want to hear them.



Thanks for sharing this article. I haven’t gone thru your methodology carefully yet, though I plan to but as a way of backing into some type of sanity check if we believe we know the approximate size of the legal cannabis market in $ and we think we have a sense of what an average retail price per pound works out to be, and I guess what the breakdown is between flower and extracts, can’t we arrive at an estimate that way of what the total production “should” be?


Theoretically? The difficulty is that extracts are particularly hard to track, as I don’t think any government agency publishes numbers on them, and any corporation that is capable of tracking them would keep them a closely guarded secret.


Bringing @henry into this conversation, what are your thoughts on these projections?


Both of these methodologies are valid, if quick and “back of the envelope”. It’s pretty cool that there is so much cannabis in the US!

Hunter, is there something more actionable you were thinking about with this analysis?


Thanks @henry!

I wasn’t sure yet. I know several people have approached me asking about the size of the entire industry and the raw poundage per year (for business purposes), but I haven’t quite figured something actionable for GN about these numbers. They might be useful to a business trying to branch into the cannabis industry, but I don’t have a concrete purpose in mind yet.


Sounds good and makes sense. Definitely an interesting thought exercise!