Ready for harvest soon?

Newbie here with a question about my first grow of non-CBD Dominant plants. These are AK47 feminized non-Auto that germinated 10/26/21. I know that I have too many plants for my 3x3 tent, but they seem to be doing well. There are three that are in the “pistal” stage(?) and one, in particular, is more advanced than others. I have read that orange/brown colors mean they are ready to harvest, yet I do not see any buds. Lights are on for 12 and off for 12, and I keep their soil moist with General Hydroponics fertilized pH corrected water.
Can you tell how much longer before buds appear, or are the plants growing too fast to produce buds? They are quite sticky to the touch. I will remove the fully bloomed plants to allow the others to get more light, etc.
Please forgive any silly questions, I’m learning this as I go along! I have never smoked and will not smoke these. I am going to try to make canna-butter/oil for cooking and also dry some for use in tea.
Thanks for any and all assistance!


Beautiful plants. The last photo is the plant that is the furthest along. The one that has some brown hairs (pistols) whatever you wanna call them is the one that looks like it’s the furthest behind. It’s just going to keep growing might’ve had a fan blowing on it in one spot too long or something. Who knows might just be the way the plant wants to grow. Sometimes they grow weird leaves, they do all kinds of trippy stuff. I think they all look great. But if you did want to make more room and throw away one plant, The plant in the first pictures would probably be the one that I would lose. It will probably produce fine it just looks genetically weaker.

I will tag you over to my journal. You can look back about four weeks and see pictures of the progress of my flowers. I am growing for different strains. This will give you a general idea of how far along your plants are. Yours look a little behind mine. :+1:t3:


I love those colors in that last pic!


They look fantastic, not ready yet, but fantastic!

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I do believe those colors are from a blurple light, it’s the same plant as the above couple of pics, the hairs are identical. But I agree great looking plants, and a ways to go yet.


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