Ready for harvest? Still learning

Is this Runtz ready for harvest? I am still learning. It germinated March 14, and lights were flipped April 28. It has a fairly strong aroma.


Looks like she could go a week to 10 days more. The earlier you harvest the more speedy the effects.


Wow, I was way off. I thought it would be ready within two to three days.


Thats not ready at all check again in a week maybe even 2 weeks. Clear is faster speedy high that might not last as long. Cloudy is much better and has more narcotic like effects and lasts longer. Heavy amber is too much in my opinion. The thc starts to change into cbd cbg.

“It turns out the color /opaqueness of the tricomb is a pretty good indicator of its chemical composition My rule of thumb is The crystal clearer the tricomb is the most energetic anxious head high it produces, and the more milky, amber and opaque tricombs are the more mellow and relaxing it will be The science seems to support this as time changes the proportions of thc , cbd and the entire terpene stew, as the plant develops. For practical applications you can use the information to time your harvest for a desired goal, I have harvested from the same plant at different times a bud that made me wanna dance and ,harvested later , a bud that was more sedative and relaxing effect. The spectrum of crystal clear to amber can be manipulated to achieve what you desire.” Heres a great quote.


Ok see in the last pics u see like a dingy white look to most spots but like a gray clear glass look thru most. Still not quite ready but getting close as they r clouding up if u want a good buzz wait a weekish more now would be a great buzz also but prly wont lSt as long as if u wait a luttle bit longer. Super close tho. U want the white looking trics not the clear hray look. Them r still clear and not fully ripe yet.


Thanks for the tips and info.
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