Reason why we need scales in our everyday life!

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This is why scales are so important to our everyday living. Take advantage of the deals that American Weigh Scales have to offer!!! Email [email protected] today!!

Hey @jermell, just a suggestion here : If you put all your post about scales in one place, you would be easier to follow… just my two cents!

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and not as annoying…


I was under the impression that I was putting all of my scale adds in the same place. I do apologize if they are annoying. I will not post anymore until I get it right.


One thread for your scales and if you need to bump it put a new piece of information in it… I do look at them but when they start coming in individual threads I lose interest really fast… and @jermell if it was just an ooops sorry goes a very long ways with me…


This is great information. Will you please shoot me an email to guide me to whom the market should be and what to choose so that I may stay on the right path?

[email protected]

Thank you very much for this information.

Good afternoon,
I am wondering if you have a good suggestion on where should I share my information? I will like to build a good conversation with the growers network community.

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Right here is a good place! But only in this thread… that way you’re not spamming anybody and whoever wants to know about scales would come here! Just reply to your own posts to post differents ad/scales or whatever you want! If you want, a moderator could help you rename your thread to whatever you deem is appropriate…

Thank you sir! I will post to this exact thread.

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