Reeferman seeds soon to be in South Africa

420 Promoter trading as Cannabis Promoter is now the official distributor and breeding partner of award winning Canadian Cannabis Cup seeds, Reeferman Genetics. Through a joint venture with Charles “Reeferman” Scott and his 3 decades of experience with breeding some of the worlds best automatics and landrace seeds.

The deal includes all rights to the distribution and marketing of the brands “Reeferman“, “Scott Family Farms” and “Prairie fire seeds” in South Africa. The long-term aim of the venture is create local industry and employment supported by foreign investment and support. Create jobs by finding local partners/breeders/growers to assist in breeding the cannabis cup winning seeds to sustain the job creation.

ReeferMan Seeds

Prairie Fire Seeds

Scott Family Farms

High times Magazine breeder hall of fame inductee 07 “the weed witch” “bruja Mota”

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It was Reeferman seeds that I started to purchase on the Landrace Lambs bread strain. But even though they claim that they are Landrace when i asked they had been cross bred with a Lebanese strain. Not that that is a bad thing but I wanted pure Jamacian Lambs bread landrace. They were honest enough to tell me when I asked. True Landrace seeds are getting harder and harder to find, for some reason everybody seems to be hell bent on crossing them with something else.