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Reggae only! What you listening to!

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Like I said before the GN theme song :sunglasses::seedling::herb::palm_tree:

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Just started rapping ( well kinda ) , then my partner came in, I turned to her and said, Yo Bitch make me a cofdog and put some kush in it, and pulled a gang sign. Better go make a cup of coffee now and give her kiss.


I am not a fan of rap at all, I hate it, no, I can’t stand it, BUT, choice is good and choice is our right :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I personally think our theme song should be

Alright now
Won’t you listen?

When I first met you, didn’t realize
I can’t forget you, for your surprise
You introduced me, to my mind
And left me wanting, you and your kind, oh yeah

I love you, oh you know it

My life was empty, forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me around
My life is free now, my life is clear
I love you sweet leaf, though you can’t hear, oh yeah

Come on now, try it out

Straight people don’t know, what you’re about
They put you down and shut you out
You gave to me a new belief
And soon the world will love you sweet leaf, oh yeah baby

Come on now, oh yeah
Try me out baby, alright, oh yeah
I want you part of this sweet leaf, oh yeah
Alright, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh try me out
I love you sweet leaf, oh


That’s the beauty of life @piper , INDIVIDUALITY. It’s a beautiful thing! The ability for us to understand each other’s likes and dislikes AND respect them is vital for us as human beings to break this madness that surrounds us. :muscle:t4: :heart:


@piper and rap doesn’t like you :rofl:… Totally a joke bro… I don’t hate any music in fact i have a very very diverse collection… From rock to rap to country to blues to reggae to electronic to oldies and yes I even have some enya(it’s so relaxing) lol but I get it some people just don’t like certain things in life


I believe if we can understand and accept what other people like or don’t like we can truly open a mind… If you like something I may not like I will still try to understand the attraction and find the good not just say hey I hate that but I don’t why I hate it

Speaking of @piper WHY do you hate the “rap crap” so much



As a guitarist, (ex guitarist now) musician, there is no beat, no music, just thump, thump, thump.

All the lyrics of every song is the same, there is no innovation with lyrics or music.

I am so sorry if I butthurt anyone, it’s just my take on rap, plus 30 some years ago my son played it on 11, now the fucker plays country :wink: which I also am not a fan of, but, he still loves what he grow up with from me CLASSIC ROCK :slight_smile:

Choice is great :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Oh I’m not butthurt one bit brother just trying to see why… I get it… all the mainstream rap is definitely crap but there are true artists in the rap genre not just “thump thump bitches this bitches that got my chain this shit is wack”… See my verse right there :rofl: there are some that actually think about what they say… But I definitely respect your choice


@piper listen to this tell me your honest opinion not trying to drag it on by any means tho



I think it’s great :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Then I went to youtube to watch it

No one plays instruments it’s all done electronically in the studio, Run-dmc was much better

@scotty17 your not dragging nothing dude, your just interested :slight_smile:

Just not my type of music, but, I am glad you like it :slight_smile:


Most of it is my brother trust me I’m punk rock for life but I do enjoy other types of music as long as it has a good beat and lyrics… Remember when electronic drums came out in the 80s and the was the cool new thing lol

See @piper you like run dmc lol


I don’t like run-dmc, even when they play live with aerosmith, run dmc does a cover song of aerosmiths walk this way and some others.

I was around in the late 70’s when punk first came out, I wasn’t a fan til I seen Devo live, then underground velvet and the list goes on.

I like it a lot now, more than back then :slight_smile:

Rap don’t do that for me :frowning:


Now we’re talkin brother. That’s my vintage too.
Was in London in 1980 and got to experience the early British punk. Remember the Monks ?
Still listen to them every now and then.



Oh yeah, I actually forgot about them, been to London a lot, we owned a house in Cheltenham, about a 2 hour drive.

I have 2 daughters and 2 son-in-laws (how they met) that work at “The Doughnut” (GCHQ)

The music scene in England (especially London) is top notch, that is so cool you went to London to witness it :+1: :+1: :+1:


First time I saw the safety pin chain from a chicks nose to her ear kinda freaked me a bit but the she was Kool about some young kid from across the pond askin questions. :joy::joy:
She had some of THE best pot I’d smoked too.
Great time was had by all.:wink:



I can’t wait to go back, I love it there


@piper how about this? Lol



Thats better, it’s greenday doing rap :slight_smile:

That’s very tolerable

Plus I have agent orange x pennywise seeds somewhere :slight_smile:


Dammit man you just made me laugh soooo hard :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: