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Regulation Change - How much is tomorrow's new rule costing you?

Tomorrow, California’s new packaging and labeling regulations will take effect and all licensed medical and adult-use cannabis must adhere to new state-wide packaging requirements in order to ensure that all products are reasonably child-resistant. All current inventory that doesn’t meet the new regulations, must be destroyed.

How much are you predicting this will cost your business? Did you end up tossing or just giving away product?


I am also curious about the impacts of this.

Do people feel like this is going to be the trend in other states?
How are other growers in other states preparing in response?


Bryan - I definitely think this will happen to all states…


I am very curious about this as well. I know it’s had some major impacts on some people that I work with. Still determining the cost/loss involved.


If those businesses were testing their
product per regulations and labeling them correctly they wouldn’t have to do a fire sale or destroy the product. This is poor judgment on business owners that did not anticipate this. Because the testing were available for them pr- regulations they just tried to save a buck. Now this buck that they saved previously becoming a huge loss currently. The same will happen in any state if owners are not prepared befor regulation time.



You can’t even get the product back for repackaging? Or put it in another locking package?

Here in OR, the package may or may not be child proof, but dispensaries will put several items in one really nice locking bag, and you get a small discount if you reuse the bag on your next trip.

Lately, I’ve just been getting a small paper bag… Maybe the law got more lax here? I don’t read retail and packaging law, N/A for me.

I love this bag!

It’s YUGE!


It would seem the logical approach would be to simply put the already packaged items that don’t meet the requirements into a 2nd package that does.

The rest of the world should be watching this all a lot more closely so that we don’t have to go through these same teething issues when the laws change. Better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than your own.


The reason why CA had to be destroyed was more related to the testing rather than the packaging. They also had 6 months to comply with these rules… however, it seems from my client conversations that very few operations took the proactive initiative. Also, the law for Oregon is that they require an exit package if the products are not Child Proof…whereas in CA everything HAS to be CRP by the time the dispensary accepts the inventory into facility, so exit packaging isn’t useful as of July 1.

So many rules…each state has their own…