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Reputable Seed Company

Hello everyone, I am on a pheno hunt. I am tired of all these new creations.

Can anyone tell me who has the best reputable seed company.

I am basing everything back to genetics and seed quality characteristics (feminine).

Preferably MEDICAL HIGH GRADE (6-7* Cannabis)

Gassy (Gas station Scent & taste to match)
High terpine profile
Extremely High THC context

Does anyone have anthoughts ?


Well if you want very good genetics and consistency in the plants I’ve had great success with ethos, Humboldt, and premium seed market. Premium seed market sells all their own genetics and they’re mostly if not all regular photos. I could be wrong on that but that’s the best of my recollection.


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Hi @s6s

Welcome to GN. Check our seed dashboard for the best seedbanks in the industry.