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Reputable Seedbank/Company Suggestions Strong Genetics?

Happy New Year Everyone!

Some friends and I are looking to experience new breeds this year and on a serious pheno hunt.

Can I get some opinions on 10 reputable seedbanks or seed compnies with strong genetics?
Please state experience / overall outcomes with seeds.

What Characteristics of seeds genetics do you seek during grow stages?

Clean germination
High THC content
Female- Indica High Grade
High terpine profile

Taste (Gassy)+(Sweet)
Scent(gas station)
Look (overall limegreen with hits of purple at root of Budd at stem)
texture (sticky,dense,no fluff)

Comment below
Supremeee 6ix Strains


@automatik Chitown seeds is a trusted member of the GN network and has a fabulous reputation and will treat you right !!

You will find many other breeders here to check out ! @preybird1 , @mudman come to mind…in fact if you are purchasing your seeds elsewhere you may want to ask for opinions right here in the community before you send your check off !!!

Hope that helps !


That’s a pretty specific terpene profile you might have better luck looking for a few strains with that taste/scent and asking which breeders from that list are the most reputable. Both strains I’m currently growing I got from chitownseeds they are still my go to bank for genetics.