Request for Information

We are in the acquisition planning stages for one of our buyer members.

We are looking for capable sources that can provide contract manufacturing, white-label or private label options for a pre/post workout line. It will consist of the following:

  1. 3 flavors of protein (powder or another form)
  2. Joint support capsules
  3. Tincture sleep aid-want to add CMAs

We are also looking for the following disciplines:

  1. Packaging Providers
  2. Co-Packers

If you have any options that fit within scope of this request please submit your information here:…/95deb69144e440319162bec059b196…

Thank you in advance. Hope you all had a blessed holiday weekend.



@ConsumerGoods, @EquipManufacturers and @EquipSuppliers may be able to help out. Good luck!