Revegging plants

Is anyone doing this? Have any luck? Have any pics?
I have been revegging 7 plants. I cloned them to play a little with this process. And it so fascinating! I love how the plant can turn a bract into a leaf? Or the female flower pod into a leaf/branch amazjng. I have taken some pictures of my progress. So here are a few revegged and half revegged clones for your viewing pleasure. I love how the plants transforming just amazing i had no idea how amazing these plants are. And i love to experiment with clones.

This is one plant.

And here is another. I have 6 more runtz and white runtz. I call them super runtz. I want to seed them later. These were my best clones of the strain i grew out and then switched the time and tricked them into budding and they realised what i did in about 3 weeks and it took 3 months to get to this point now. And there almost fully morphed now.
Ohh and i noticed they keep making trichromes through this process but the trichroms smell is not a good one kinda ok at 1st then musky not good smell after. And sticky as hell!


I’ve been working on my first. About to flip it into flower in a couple weeks. Here is when I first cut it and now. The stem structure goes nuts and they come out everywhere. I was amazed at seeing it transform and all the weird stuff that comes out. I still have some of the original stuff at the bottom lol


I just did this, I had so many males it put me behind, so I cloned the females during flower and revegged them, now my mothers 3 scooby snacks (2 just went in the tent to grow out) I have 5 blueberry spacequeen clones that were in flower (to determinate sex) and revegging.

I did this a lot back in the day when we didn’t have female seeds.


Here are some more pics of re-vegging.


Well ive been doing a monster crop revegging.
Here are few pictures. I think its so strange how it morphed from a 5 leaf to a 3 leaf. And then morphs back into a 5 leaf plants after revegging

So weird.

There is a mini amount of clawing due to my neem and coco wet Ipm i do.


Such an odd transformation.


Yeah I have a hard time with how ugly they are. I had one plant that I didn’t clean all that crap off of from the old blooms and it was just a mess. Now if I decide I want to save it and I revenge or clone a flower. When it to gets bigger and gets normal leaves I clone it again and then chuck the ugly one. I just have a hard time with how ugly they are. :man_shrugging:


This is a revegged blueberry clone. Been in the cup for a long time lol.


That’s a nice one. :+1:t3:


Thanks lol. She didn’t used to be. But only put out one set of the weird curly smooth leaves and then back to normal.

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I see this with trees and lots of plants in nature.

You guys should go outside. Lol.


Did my first monster crops and they do come back weird and strange. Was very cool to do though and see how they transition back and forth. First pics after rooted and potted up.

Today they are both 20 days from flip.


Some more revegging fun!



Ok here is a 2024 update.

This little cut is a very special phenotype. So i decided i wanted to revegg it and monster crop it! She is 85% revegged. Man do i love a photoperiod plant!


ok were looking pretty good now. 90% revegged.


Ok this revegged plant is on the left in the pic. I was thinking for some reason it was the right side plant??