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Revegging plants

Is anyone doing this? Have any luck? Have any pics?
I have been revegging 7 plants. I cloned them to play a little with this process. And it so fascinating! I love how the plant can turn a bract into a leaf? Or the female flower pod into a leaf/branch amazjng. I have taken some pictures of my progress. So here are a few revegged and half revegged clones for your viewing pleasure. I love how the plants transforming just amazing i had no idea how amazing these plants are. And i love to experiment with clones.

This is one plant.

And here is another. I have 6 more runtz and white runtz. I call them super runtz. I want to seed them later. These were my best clones of the strain i grew out and then switched the time and tricked them into budding and they realised what i did in about 3 weeks and it took 3 months to get to this point now. And there almost fully morphed now.
Ohh and i noticed they keep making trichromes through this process but the trichroms smell is not a good one kinda ok at 1st then musky not good smell after. And sticky as hell!


I’ve been working on my first. About to flip it into flower in a couple weeks. Here is when I first cut it and now. The stem structure goes nuts and they come out everywhere. I was amazed at seeing it transform and all the weird stuff that comes out. I still have some of the original stuff at the bottom lol


I just did this, I had so many males it put me behind, so I cloned the females during flower and revegged them, now my mothers 3 scooby snacks (2 just went in the tent to grow out) I have 5 blueberry spacequeen clones that were in flower (to determinate sex) and revegging.

I did this a lot back in the day when we didn’t have female seeds.


Here are some more pics of re-vegging.