Right time to flower

Have a few plants that been in veg for 4 half weeks. Wondering when it’s right to switch to flower . Topped them second week in veg shocked them a little so I extended the veg for a little longer . Thinking about keeping them in veg for another week or so . Any suggestions ?


Beautiful looking plants! I think flipping the switch to flower is a personal choice. I like vegging my plants for at least 60 days. It also depends on the strain and how big you would like them to be and how much grow space you have to work with. Happy growing and enjoy yourself!

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You can veg your plants as long as you want, the longer you go the larger they get and more time you will have to train them which will result in larger yields. What are your height restrictions where you are growing? That is usually the main factor in flipping the lights, you want them as large as possible so you can maximize your yield but do not want to deal with height issues. If you haven’t grown the strains out before you need to assume they will at least double in size after you flip the lights.


8 weeks from the start- the very start

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I have kept plants in vege for 3 months you can veggie plant out as long as you want as big as you want 18 hours of light and then switcher to 12 to 12