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Rip Frenchy Cannoli

Given his status as a legendary hashishin I wanted to share with the community the sad news. Rip Frenchy you’ll always be a legend you inspired many of us with your work.


Holy shit man! How old was he!


I just woke up to this horrible info… I was just chatting with him a cpl weeks ago, he sounded great at the time, his closest friends and aficionados family are morning and holding his name on high! Thanks for being a star that shined so brightly it lit the dark path in the dark of the night, shine on my friend :facepunch: all the love and respect, I know you will be helping from above and beyond!


I was just listening to him the other day on IG… whoa :open_mouth:


That is terrible news. What a legend and master of his craft. RIP. A good innings at 64, @preybird1

““Frenchy often shared there were 3 main periods in his life - first, the 18-year timeframe from when he left home in Southern France to travel, wandering the world, enamored of new cultures & experiences, then the period of fatherhood from his mid-30s to early 50s, and then finally the period of becoming the teacher that followed when he came to the states in the 2000s. I cannot begin to express how much meaning and joy his interactions with all of you brought him. He truly cherished this unexpected evolution of the latter part of his life.⁠” Source


Rest In Peace Frenchy Cannoli, and thank you for all the knowledge you share with all the world :dove: