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RKAG Hemp presents Eco gro Kelp concentrate

#Rkaghemp #Flourish Liquid Carbon biotechnology for growing Hemp presents:

ECO GRO 0-0-4
Made in the USA

  • Micronized to fit through all drip lines / spray booms
  • micronized Kelp from Northern Atlantic Ocean
  • Dextrose (sugar) Rich in total carbon
  • organic acids for PH buffer and nutrient uptake
  • Available in 5 gallon , 55 gallon , 275 totes
  • WSP sizes available 25 on or 100 lb
  • Delivery and set up available
  • can be added into any current program #growing:hemp #cbd #growing #rkag #farming #grow-from-home:outdoor-growing #royalknightag

Contact me directly or email [email protected] or [email protected]

Love. More. Info, this format. Is not user friendly to me?
[email protected]

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Very user friendly ! Made in USA contact me