Rollie Systems at That Cannabis Show September 15th in Springfield, MA

Hi everyone,

Rollie Systems will be showing off our products at That Cannabis Show September 15 & 16 in Springfield, MA.

We provide custom controls for lighting, HVAC, irrigation, CO2 and more. We’re now in many indoor cultivation facilities in the US and are starting to expand. We can provide complete cultivation design based on our partnerships with building architects, project engineers, electrical contractors and HVAC suppliers.

Our system includes cloud storage and processing which allows you to view the entire grow from anywhere. Email and text alerts are standard features.

Our latest project requires communication with Trane chillers so we’ve been busy building a BACnet interface to handle all the comms with those units. We’ve also provided Butane gas monitors for extraction rooms.

We’ve also completed a dimming cycle package(hardware and software) which allows you to program the sunrise/sunset effect using Fluence Spydr LED lights, very cool feature.

Please feel free to ask us a question, we’re happy to provide assistance to any size operation big or small!

See us at booth 523 at That Cannabis Show September 15 & 16 in Springfield, MA.