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Roofing Issues Colorado

Does anyone have issues with the roof or building exterior?


What kind of roofing issues?


How prevalent are issues related to the building you are growing/producing product in either leaking, not proprerly insulated, weather damage, mold, etc? is that a common battle among indoor growers in Colorado?


In Denver, I saw a grow roof blow off in the wind storm last week.


I saw the same roof blown off I think lol!


Hahaha this reminds me of the facility in which I used to work: the building was built in 1950 and we used to have so many issues with our old roof - mainly because the owner didn’t want to pony up the $25,000 investment to get a new roof. Every year the monsoons would roll in and we’d have to break out the mops and change the IPM.

The very nature of the effort felt downright sysiphusean!

It always left me scratching my head when the owner could’t figure out why he was having so many systemic issues with our plants. Clearly, for this particular owner there was a missing piece in the cognitive association between the humidity fluctuations caused by the leaky roof and our powdery mildew outbreak.

The leaky roof was just one of the plethora of indicators that our real issues transcended the deluge of rainwater inside our indoor growrooms! The owner could not wipe clear from his eyes the dollar signs of greed obscuring his path to success: In order to have a healthy, sustainable indoor cultivation, the investor has to make a serious upfront expenditure in both sound infrastructure and proper environmental control systems. This owner made neither of these investments. His lack of action meant my actions as the grower were reactive rather than proactive. Consequently the plants suffered.

Yeah, I’ve dealt with that…


Yes Nick, this is what I thought would be the case. I’m a Cannabis consultant, and have been on the business end of it the last 5 years. My former business mentor, who runs a roof/building envelope consulting business in Parker, has watched my work the last few years. He recently began quoting jobs for cultivation/production facilities, and is looking to transition some of his team into a full time consultant to Cannabis businesses that face these issues.

The company he runs is the right one to handle major issues, both at single owner facilities, and large corporate operations all over CO. What he was missing was some Cannabis education, and a professional who could teach him what These businesses are struggling with. I may be out in Denver with him and his team next week to begin integrating their work into our industry.