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Root Life Microbes

Use KTL Microbes to give plants rapid growth, strength and an incredible immune system.These MICROBES make enzymes, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, chitin and many other nutrients available. Some of them even help to regulate the soil food web.

When introduced, Bacillus has an impact on plant health through promoting plant health and nutrition as well as boosting plant defenses. When a biological community is composed of specific species that use distinct resources, there is less free room for invading species to establish themselves. Use to give plants rapid growth, strength and an incredible immune system.

Most importantly microbes need food to be able to reproduce just like you and me. Our Microbes are bound to sucrose, dextrose, amino acids, brewers yeast, and other microbial foods. Couple this with the highest CFU’s (1.2 billion per gram), more species and balanced ratios we know you’ll love our Microbes.

When a root system is inoculated with a wide diversity of microbes, it encourages the entourage effect and allows maximum nutrient delivery at multiple PH ranges. It allows the plant to use its energy toward growth and fruit production.

Healthy Roots = Healthy Fruits!