Rootfarmer's perpetual grow & harvest

got my girls going again - after a month long summer-in-hell break - currently 84 degrees and 77% RH - good VEG #.
the tall ones [16 inches] are three weeks, the others are two weeks or less. little nute deficiency on a couple.
[ daytime lights out due to temps]

Current Lineup

Twenty 20 Genetics – Bad Girl
Twenty 20 Genetics – Trainwreck Arcata Cut
Useful Seeds - Blueberry’s n Chocolate [ BB Hp X Chocolate Diesel ]
Bad Dawg DBJ - Long Bottom Fighter F2 - LBLxStarfighter
Fat Blueberry - DJ Short x Rudderalis
Moby Dick by Dinafem


and yes that a tomato plant in the corner…[natural aphid killer being a nightshade family].



forgot my lone outdoor lady -Egyptian Musk - [Chem Tange x Bubblegum] male with a Blueberry Diesel female ;
sativa-heavy hybrid pungent gas aroma & sweet berry undertones ; did some cuts and going to re-veg her for a bit longer.


Looking good my friend. Just getting fired back up myself. Awesome line up. Outmotherfuckingstanding :+1: :v:

heirloom landrace plans… [ Q4 placeholder - Choc Thai and Cambodian…]


Dense or fluffy?


wut that mean ???

Them nugs you posted… looking very dense

picts came from a guy in Thailand - but yes dense - the Cambodian can grow 10 elbows if you give it a big hole to occupy…

seeds are in the mail - 3-4 weeks wait… Choc Thai, Thai Stick, and Cambo


they grow up so fast - the girls are praying today - tall girls in the back are "21, "19, and "16 tall.

  • most of that growth [overnight] is them praying for more Jacks 321

@dbrn32 - hey brotha - what’s up with Jacks, huh ?


Lookin good, my friend :+1: :v:

Just JACKS 321 every feeding…


Time to take your photo to the wild side, say hey girl take a walk…

  • STS re-up

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Lovely growing @rootfarmer. Those ladies are looking happy.

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yes, they are banging and everyday seem to be liking it so far…

What kind of phenos you got from the Cambodian? I just got chocolate Thai not too long ago, won’t be getting to it for awhile but if you have any growing tips let me know


no real trick on growing landraces ’ just have to plan your grow around how long to finish `18-20 weeks flower maybe.

what do you know about your Choc Thai

  • any other names, where did you get it, or grow times known ?

True, I was interested in what phenos may be hiding in your Cambodian if you know though. I got my Chocolate Thai from Hazeman seeds and it’s “Darwoh 2.5” Cut

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Kampuchea Red is what we got. your Darwoh worked beans are from the Dutch AFAIK…