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Roots organics Free samples!

So if anyone wants to try roots organics nutrients. They have a free samples you can order up 2 liquids and 1 dry amendment or you can order 3 dry amendments. I have gotten free samples. These came today.

I got a friend ordering me samples to his house as only one sample for customer. But this way you can try some. I reallly like the root surge. You will have to pay $8.50 shipping. But its worth it.


So the dry amendments work like mr Canucks grow


Yes you can top dress,make a tea. There are instructions.


I grew some mad good bud with this nute line

Nice i have 5 different brands of nutrients. I love to dabble. This is one of my favorite lines. I love dakine420 the most. And i get producer pricing. So…


I am about to get the new pack just ordered it be here next week!

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How can I get some dry amendment samples?

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Follow the link and select the dry amendments!

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I just ordered my samples!