Full bag roots organics Green Fields bag grow. Gorilla glue has been vegged in vermifire soil for 6 weeks so far and will b for a couple more. It’s getting the tent to itself. There’s 150 true watts of 6500k white led and 2 150 w 2700k full spectrum led bulbs.

She’s already been sexed and is female. She’s been through some LST and will get some HST as well. She will get a variety of Roots nutes in veg and teas in flower with a few additives here and there.


Good Stuff!! What will you be feeding her?

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Green fields has a high charge so nothing right away but in a few weeks will start with Roots


Good morning Mister growin, I have like 87 noob questions for you. Are those bag made for growing your plants in them? I have seen them a couple times and always wondered.
What I don’t understand is : They developed the Air pot and Smart pot so that the roots can breathe better, isn’t a plastic bag totally the reverse of that? Is it a plastic bag? Or is it made with a special fabric?

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Hey there.

It’s Ms. and ask away.

Roots bags are made for growing in.

They are called grow bags. At the top the directions say, cut the top off, plant and water. They have tiny holes poked all over the lower region.

We had already vegged this plant in Vermifire for about 6 weeks in a cloth pot so we transplanted it into the bag. Then we had to add about another gallon to the top of the plant to cover the roots. So there’s an extra gallon of the same Green fields soil in this grow bag. This plant should fill this 3x3 and yield around 16 oz.

And I forgot to mention that everything in my rooms are being treated with this Bc one room was infected so she gets it too.

And I found a baby pic before her transplant.


Thanks Ms! Sorry for the mistake!!! I didn’t know about the holes, now it makes sense to me. I had seen those around the web (grow bags) and I had always wondered. Now I know, thanks to you!!!

Have a great day!


Nothing wrong with grow bags they are super cheap and steril great for bigger setups


Green Fields is Root’s Organics highly charged, super water retaining, medium for outdoors. With like at least a dozen organics and poops in it.
I used G.F. before but cut it with peat based medium for outdoor container tomatoes. I also mixed it in my flower beds out of the bag with native soil.
Keep doing what your doing, grow your own meds.
Kyle M


Nice plant and grow you got going on @justgrowin. I had thought about planting directly into my bag of 707 once, but I too got a 3 x 3 tent and didn’t want to use up all the space. Im interested to see how you do…
Got my popcorn and in for the show!