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Rosin, dabs, wax, rso, bho etc

Hey guys it’s your boy, that one guy aka Cody.
I just wanted to start a thread all about concentrates and how you make them. Now I consider even sifted trichomes a form of concentrate, but today we will be going over rosin in a press.

Ok so just for the record this is the weight of the flower.

I compress mine using something like this.

Before compression.

After compression.

Now you want to put it on a nice clean spot on your mat/parchment paper, you want to leave enough sticking out to fold over the puck. Set your temperature and timer now.

Then you want to tuck it I to your press, make sure when you start to press no plant matter is squeezed out from the in between the plates.

Adjust the pressure nut until you can easily but firmly lock the handle.

Handle in locked position.

Set timer and wait or keep track of time some other way.


I forgot to add this thread is for everyone to use, I wanted to make a hub of information for concentrate. That way we dont have to spend hours upon hours of searching. Happy smoking guys.


This is the best read I’ve found so far about making homemade vape juice… Website name isn’t appealing but info is good … I think Lol


I have not made it like that, I dont have the patience also the reason I haven’t tried making rso, I use liquidizer, am I am planning on using pure terpenes for the next run. Let me know if you do it!! Very interested


Thanks for posting!


No problem bro!!