Rosin pics and yields

I know rosin has been around for a while now but I just got in the game this year. I have already learned so much but always looking to share and recieve tips for better yield and quality.

26 percent yield on this homegrown Mendo Breath


That is a wonderful start to rosin. 25% is an epic yield of rosin. What machine you using?


Nugsmasher xp. Took a long time to figure put how to get that kind of yield with good quality

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6 months of note-taking and trial and error. Need plenty of good bud your not afraid to lose some of to a shitty yield because of a bad press. Prep and pressure application are key in my opinion

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:clap: hell yeah that’s not bad at all for being fairly new. Mendo Breath has been a favorite of mine for awhile. keep it up!

Banana Punch OG, 61% hum, 205 degrees slow pressed to 1200 psi. 10.25g dry bud turned into 2.49g of this golden deliciousness!


great machine and CO, but I have a DIY budget…

How long of time pressing?