Rosin Press - Best Value Suggestions?

Shopping small batch press, have never squished before and want to get started. I’ll primarily working with kief/hash and would like to be able to start with ~14gms per run. So many options including DYI - all comments/suggestions appreciated. Thanks:)


Below are looking at up to 7 grams per squish.

Check the full range of rosin presses here:


I’ve also seen just the heated plates so that you can build your own press.


simply and cheap :
with a hair plate and a press ready press … 75-98 degrees celsius pressed 20-40 seconds hard and that’s it


you need to look at the rosin bag sizes to know who many you will need to do a run

if you are able to DIY - look at greengenes garden on YT - he has a complete build with BOM video.
you can search for purepressue press video on YT as well - guy pimping the press does 8oz in one run - they retail at $5.5K

so the choice is to pay the commercial price or DIY…

Ive got one of these. Works great!

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Hello @PreyBird1 hope your having a great day, are you still real happy with this press? I am looking into getting one. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thank you kk

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If your just doing personal scale yes. Commercial its to small. But theres a lot of rosin presses. I got this because another member has one also and really likes it. But rosin pressing here is Really illegal. So i went smaller. But try and get a bigger machine. Like bigger heat plates. I wish i got bigger plates now.

Thanks for the quick response. It is just for me for personal use. Hehe seems everything in my state is illegal… oh well i figure I am not selling anything, what I do I do for me. I would rather have natural medicine vs big pharma. Sides I think most cops have a Lotta other crap to deal with.

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Yep me too it illegal as fuck here. They charge you with clandestine lab! :exploding_head::exploding_head:

Oops …hehehe… I haven’t been on here much lately but as always you guys rock! !thank you @PreyBird1

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Lol its ok man part of learning.