Rosin Pressing!

I thought I would share what equipment I am using and the different forms and methods I am currently doing to make Rosin. I press bud, dry sift(kief), and bubble(ice wash).
I made a mock build up of a wash system. Now that I have it dialed how I want, my buddy is fabricating it all stainless steel. The first time playing with this I washed a pound of trim with a pound of bud. I was able to collect over a qp of bubble from just the first 3-4 washes. I did 7 washes and still had awesome results. I noticed at about the 4th wash you loose about 15%-20% each wash after.

For kief, my buddy got me hooked on keeping my kief tumbler inside my deep freezer. Works awesome.

Here is my press. I use my 20-ton hydraulic/pnuematic shop press and bought some expensive ass plate set up from low temp. I only use the hydraulic pump when pressing rosin tho.

Temps and bags…im using 90micron with a temp around 185 degrees to press bud/flower, I know some people that press flower hoyter like at 205, but I was looking for just personal too top quality. I also use the 25 micron around 160 degrees for kief and bubble. Press times vary, but usually around 2 min or so. I press, collect, then whip it for a few minutes, then its straight DAB time!!!


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Very nice, I’m drooling !