Royal gold coco fiber

Has anyone had Experience with this coco mix … and is there Another coco that does not need to be washed and buffered ready to use fresh out the bag that somebody could recommend switching from promix HP to coco


I would try dakine420 all natural coco coir. Its really natural and smells good. And it doesn’t compact as much as canna coco. If the coco is to powdery dusty it compacts more like a mud slows the plant growth almost negligible amount but i saw it. And if it drys out to much it wont saturate properly after that. And you can get weird dry spots in the root ball or the root ball will stay up higher and suck the water up choking the bottom part making a dry spot. Ive grown over 75 lants in coco alone and i have tested 5 brands. And dakine was the best. But you have to ship it. What i did was email [email protected] and he will give you a 1 time producer price if you will test out there products. I bought 1000 grams of there entire line and 4 bags of the coco. I did no buffering no washing. I ttansplanted right into it watered it with just normal nutrients. And i had run off that looked like coffee. My ppms were a little high it worried me. I called nate - they have superb customer service. He ran out took a bag of the floor and tested it right there and reported less ppms and said i would be fine because my ppms were high due my nutrients. I was worried because it was hard for me to get the seed. And it was expensive and i only had 1. Its my current hash passion. And its kicking ass. Thanks nate @dakine420 love the line and the products! Kicken ass.

The bigger one is the plant in the coco now.

And all 8 of here clones were started in it you can see the pots where i transplanted into my new test media tupur.
I would call nate and talk to him hes a weed nutrients ninja! And will get you set up.

EDIT: and when i was reffering to the coco drying out it was in reference to the canna coco coir bricks. That stuff is good but in my experience it drys out to much and becomes a dusty mess and when the water hits it. Some floats and i have to water it a little and then come back and after it soaks in a little or the water runs off. Or only the tops gets wet enough. And the bottom suffers. Then you would have to water to run off to get total saturation again and im finding i dont like it. The dakine420 was more like a big sponge once roots took over. The canna is like saw dust. The dakine420 was superior in the fact its not necessarily a uniform texture. It has strands, chunks, and puffy bits like little sponges. And smells better like mushrooms and dirt. But if you dont have both right there in front of you its hard to compare. Im going to try genral hydroponic coco bricks i have some but 9 gallons of water to make a brick expand jesus. I dont have a kiddie pool and the block dont have breaks marks to make less. That’s a big downside for me. The only think i liked about bricks is space saving ability for later. The dakine420 is fresh and ready. You wouldn’t want to buy a lot and store it. It wouldn’t not be fresh as it will dry out. all coco and medias will dry if stored wrong. But they all dry up over time. So the fresher the better.