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RRRGGGHHH! I (_________) metrc!

I don’t know about anybody else out there, but METRC is (__) you can fill in the blank yourself. From my perspective it’s a pain the () you can fill in THAT blank, too. If you do even a medium-sized Sea of Green, the compliance work makes it almost not worth it as you have to weigh each individual plant and then enter the weight of each plant at harvest into the cloud-based system. So processing 450 plants at harvest time is going to take hours and hours and more seemingly endless hours of mind-numbing data-entry.

Okay enough venting - back to the tedium.

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Need to find a way to automate the process.

How about a simple conveyor belt with a digital scale in between the line. You can use auto recording scale. And a simple QRC tag on each package. You can buy magnetic piston and a raspberry pi computer $100 for the piston and $50 for the raspberry pi. Then a college computer science student who wants a sample for his supplying the programming.

We did the same type of thing less the computer for a silk screen transfer. It just a simple latching relay. Two step.


Second thought manpower inc or similar work force company for the clerical work. 4 hour minimum they do all the payroll, workman’s comp, and tax work. You just pay the $20 an hour.

I used them for big data entry work and when we had trailers to unload quickly.


For anybody curious about what he’s referring to:


Very cool!

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Hello, RogueChip!

Your post caught our eye here at Flowhub, because we have recently released a software product, Flowhub Grow, that is meant to solve the exact problem you are facing with reporting to Metrc. Flowhub Grow lays on top of Metrc and actually reports to Metrc at the end of the day with one click automatically. With Flowhub Grow, and using the mobile ‘NUG’ plant scanner, you can easily automate recording plant weights instead of manually entering that data into Metrc.

I actually had my Project Manager, Mark, throw together a quick video to show you how to perform harvests in the Flowhub Grow system. Click here to see a short demo video to see how it works:

Please let me know if you’d like to continue the conversation, and see a 30-minute demo of Flowhub Grow first hand, please contact me with the following information, I would love to show you what we have.

Alex Erin Johnson
Business Development Representative
[email protected]


Perfect! I was thinking there must be someway to have that integrated.


Barcde reading scale?
metrc on barcode

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I would love to get more clarification about your question. We do incorporate a mobile plant scanner called the ‘NUG’ that reads the bar codes related to the Metrc tags used to keep track of your plants. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via the contact information in my previous post above.


Those were suggestions as to possible solutions, not questions. I was throwing out brainstorms. If the SoGs are being hung wet and dry trimmed you should be able to weigh and track them on the barcode reading scale.


Thanks for the clarification @FarmerintheSky!