Russet mite outdoor!

Man where do I even start russet mites are the worst!!! I’ve seen them wipe my closest friends out can no longer grow move back home!!! So I kept three mothers over the winter and Cloned off of two of them.Phenomenal strains I had the Larry OG and a sour patch the sour patch I took multiple Clones from. Everything vegged amazingly everything was over six and 7 feet tall very healthy leaves lush green but the Larry OG mother I kept around decided to be the host for the russet mites!!! There is always a host and when you can locate it and remove it it will help your problem! The reason the Larry OG decided to be the host of the russet mites was because she flowered early!. Russet mites go after flowers!!! I’ve seen this bug ruin so many crops. With farmers not knowing what to do especially when growing organic!!! i’m a type of almost water only with compost tea!! Pulling all my plants flowers started turning into these little crumbly dry looking buds I was worried lots of research!!! What would’ve been 10 pounds I may only have gotten a pound and a half out of or nothing depending on!!Being organic I really did not like to spray my plants with Azomite!! I know it still is pretty all right but I don’t like spraying my plants with pesticides I am completely organic!. So I found smite it’s a little expensive but really worth it corn seed oil cold pressed peppermint oil and coldpressed corn seed oil! SMITE!!!
Getting russet mites really does suck so help your friends out let people know they don’t give up on bugs there’s always a way to fight them.! Remember other plants help other plants!!! And plants grow us we don’t grow them


Nightmare scenario for a organic grower indeed. Broadmites are certainly the most insidious pest there is, whether your growing cannabis or seed onions!! It may be well worth you effort to investigate locating a source where you can obtain predacious mites!! I do know that many commercial growers will hang ‘sachets’ of various predacious mite eggs, but am not aware of where they can be purchased…I would bet there are some GN members that may be able to help you out!! Good Luck!

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If it is predators you need, I use Arbico each year for my predatory bugs. They work and they arrive alive every time. Here is the link for mite predators.