RYO Mini-4 Filling Station (Hemp Cigarette Machine)

This machine was purchased brand new in October, 2019. Import and customs fees have been paid. We used this machine for one month before we transitioned to an industrial machine. This machine is great for filling tobacco or hemp into cigarette tubes.

Model NO. : MZH-RYO-MINI-4

Filling Principle : Pressure

Packaging Container Lifting Structure : Chute Lifting

Structure : Linear

Packaging : Cigarettes

Packaging Material : Paper

Model : Mzh-Ryo-Mini-4

Filling Amount : Adjustable 1.1g±0.2g

Yield : Above 97%

Voltage : 220V

Weight : 80kg, 80kg

Material : Stainless Steel 304/316

Email me for more information.
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Marlboro has already got a jump on this not sure how sales are going tho… I’d never buy them to be honest

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That was a rumor mon, sadly…it’s been around for many years …they should totally

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can this machine fill clones?