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Sales Rep Needed in Vegas

Looking for someone with experience selling cannabis products mainly flower to dispensaries. Preferably someone local to Vegas with industry experience already. This is largely commisioned based outside sales position.


We have cannabis and hemp recruiters on both the East and West coast. If you fill out our business owner form using the link below, one of our business developers will contact you shortly to help you find the perfect candidate for your sales position (We are currently working with other companies, filling sales positions for them on the west coast and mid-west)

  • NO exclusivity requirements
  • NO upfront costs

As we believe we can find the best candidates for any positions in the cannabis and hemp
industry above our competitors.

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Hey Sal,

I have a few friends that may be good fits to help you out on that. I’ll grab some resumes to bring by for you to check out. If they aren’t for you, no worries on that either.


Sounds good. How is your schedule tommorrow?

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I’m pretty open, text me 805-612-5039.

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