Sativa feeding

running 3 sativa’s (100%) have question on feeding - can some one give me direction on types of nutrients to use . understand that “n” is a sativa’s enemy - Chemical or Organic


understand? you or I? :slight_smile:

is it a landrace? you say 100% which one?

you could feed it jack’s 20-20-20 at a quarter strength and it would do fine

I will tell you I do not grow 100% sativa inside or outside here New York would be hard

inside I do not have the patience for 22 weeks of flower time

might give you some insight

all the best and be safe



I believe jacks 3 part would even do great for it as u can adjust the parts as needed. I’m gonna have to check out the 20 20 20 I have part a part b epsom and jacks bloom I havnt used bloom in forever ever lol. I basically run part a part b and epsoms sometimes. Some days I add it some days I don’t. Usually I adjust part a to 4g per gallon and part b to 2 grams per gallon no epsoms. If I add epsom salt I do it 3.6 2.4 1.2 from my understanding epsoms really isn’t needed as the other parts carry the calcium so a slight alter makes up for the epsoms


I have used Jack’s since it was Peters :slight_smile: (1982) used pallets of it growing bench crops

in the Greenhouses for the Florist trade

it is great to run in an injector or proportioner setup, I used it with a capillary system to feed pots on

benches and field mums on the ground, lots of different flavors for different corps

I used Mega Crop 9-7-14 this year dry one part product at 1 teaspoon for a gallon, water once a week

with 2 gallons

I like the color of the leaf better with it, Jack’s look different

Try 3lb sample for shipping cost only, coupon code MEGACROPPROMO.

use about half bag on my six plants

7/14/2023 switch to flower nutes used Jack’s 10-30-20 at a teaspoon a gallon, once a week again at

2 gallons per plant twice

used Monopotassium Phosphate 0-52-34 at 2 teaspoon a gallon again once a week 3 times

with 2 gallons a plant

you can make growing as hard or as easy as you like, my plants work I help :wink:

my six and what I fed them

so when someone Asks can you do a grow crop of good bud with good yield for 100 dollars

can you? maybe can I? I could :wink:

all the best and enjoy the day



Hell yeah wish I could grow outside. Shit would come up missing fast with cans around or not. Shit I’m 15 min from Detroit so lots round me r like Detroit livers. Buy what u can steal what u can stay alive if u can. Lol. I’m stuck growing out of little room and 2 tents but in process of seeking a house where I can have one big room to divide or whatever. Either basement or garage. I can’t wait to find one and get it going. Lol. Big dreams lol. Fricken homes r insane prices right now tho like average 120k per bedroom. More per if u move to better areas some r like 550 to 750 for 3 and 4 bd hell I seen one 4 beds 6 baths. What the hell u need more baths than beds for. Lmao.


Panama - Malawi - Malawi x Panama (ACE) are the three Indoors - LED (believe these are 10-12 weekers) Yea ! going to have to really “train” these (LST) 12/12 from seed to flower then 11/13 (growing with Red Spec LED from seed to harvest)


Have Meg-a-Crop (veg) wanting to get the bloom Just pulled out some used bottles of 'Peak Harvest" 1 veg and 1 bloom) veg is 4-2-3 - “n” seems ok Also have some “keep It Simple” (KIS) have their Nutrient Pack - organic to use for top dressing in veg and bloom. Then use Hygrozyme for enzymes and for microbes - Miicrobial Mass (microbial enhancer)