Sativa problem

I tired 4 times growing sativa but all I see same problem. I am doing something that is not rıght thing. Leafs curling and looking weak and not healty. Also growing slow. been 20 days since blooming but I just have this little fucking buds. (Sorry for bad English)

The good growers will need some info to be able to answer.
What is your growing medium?
What kind and how much lights?
What nutrients are you using if any?

In my limited experience, I would say you don’t have enough lights for your grow room. The long space between each nodes shows that these plants are stretching to get at the lights.
If you can’t change them, try to get them closer to the canopy. If you can keep your hand comfortably between the top of your girls and your lights, you should be good…

Good luck


optic one xl 100w
Advanced nutrigen starter pack
Light distance 45 cm when I get to light more closer I see light stress in leaf.

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It looks like it could be not enough lighting

Is this the only light your running?


Yes also 100w cob led I have

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From the light manufacturer’s website :

COB: CREE XLAMP CXB3590 3500k high cri Top Bin (USA Made)

Coverage Footprint:


2’ x 2’ area (.6m x .6m)

Max 2.5’ x 2.5’ (.75m x .75m)


4’ x 4’ area (1.2m x 1.2m)

Hanging Height with 90 degree Lens:

Flower: 18"-24"

Veg: 24"-30"

Seedling: 30"-36"

LENS: 90 degree comes standard

Your light is excellent quality, but I think it’s just not enough by itself for your room. You would need more of those lights or a smaller room.
Also you can try to put some reflective material around your plants. It will reflect the light a whole lot better than blue tarp. Think mylar or something similar. Even white paint would be better!


These are good options if getting more lighting isn’t.


I have other plant and shes growing better. About reflect you are rıght. I,ll bro


Different strains will react differently to the lights. One thing is sure, either will give you buds, but to get real award winning buds, you will need to fix your lighting. It all depends what you want with your girls :wink:


your photon flux density count is way low - probably never hit 500 micromoles - spacing is elongated - co2 effect looks to be atmospheric, nutes look fine for the plant produced - training could have been implemented to increase yield worthy bud sites and an Air Pruning pot - or even a walmart shopping bag would have been effective for making a strong root ball that would have supported a vigorous plant - but honestly - some of the best weed I’ve smoked came from plants like this one - especially Lime Ricky - that cultivar was stringy like this but had unparalleled flavanoid and terpene profiles.

keep in touch - I want to know how this one finished :stuck_out_tongue:


How often are you feeding vs watering? What type of water do you use and if it’s tap water do you let it dechlorinate? Do you ph before feeding and watering?


I have the same but a lot more of them. Depending on the space, you probably need more.

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I’ve been having a similar problem and been trying to figure it out so I’ll be learning as well. I’m running a 600w HPS soon to be 2 600w HPS lol but I think my problem was the light was too close when I had it in my 4x4 tent so I built a bigger one lol

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Sativas can be very finicky eaters. We like to pump the plants with nutes to get the most out of them but many taller/longer flowering varietals prefer little soil saturation and minimal nutrients. With some, less is more…

They can require a slightly higher pH as well. Best yo ask source of clone/seeds for any growing info.


Yes less is more. I preach this all the time.
Also some people feed every time they water.
Usually for me, because I have to water daily. My Sunday to Sunday looks like this
F/F/W/F/W/F/W. Or something close. I dont over feed either. Dont try to push the plant. Excess nuets only cause problems not more growth.
Please keep it simple. And as always less is more