SBA Lending for The Hemp Industry

We have been able to establish SBA Lending for hemp companies with our bank. This is one of the first in the country. I feel that this opportunity may be important for your company, or others that you work with. Thank you, Chad Bergin.


Begin a long time SBA lender, they typically do not lend on Ag.
Can you be more specific on what the purposes or use of proceeds are?
Iā€™m interested in what your district office allows.
Industrial hemp equipment?

Thank you for your response. We are a Business Consulting Firm and with our lending partners have had success with SBA lending for related Hemp Industry Businesses. To fund equipment or working capital. Such as a Farmer who is growing and harvesting hemp. They have a separate business for the product and a separate business for the farm, buildings, equipment and processing. The SBA loan could be used to purchase equipment and working capital. We are working with a lending partner who will finance a SBA loan for just hemp processing equipment. I trust this information is helpful. Thank you, Chad Bergin.