Scheduling software

Does anyone use/or is able to recommend a scheduling software for their grow?

4 Likes We do exactly this. Please request a demo on our website and we can show you!


I’ve heard of people using other softwares and rigging them to calendarize their grow operation, but it always seems to be missing a lot of functionality. A shared Google Calendar across the organization, for example. But I think new software like what @blopez is doing, as well as @tim from GrowBuddy seem to be the future of crop management.


Thanks for the fast reply, will definitely be looking into it!

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Thank you for you reply, I’ll have to check them both out! Mucho appreciation!!

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Scheduling greenhouse production has always been challenging. I started in the days of pencil and paper.

I have yet to see a really great application that can handle queuing therory for glasshouse production. The Europeans where miles ahead of the US in the 1990’s

A product like Microsoft Project is probably the most cost effective way to manage production cycles from a pure business standpoint. You can create very effective ERP diagrams. Define dependencies and plan staffing requirements for each step you define.

From a production queue stand point this gets really tricky in standard glasshouse production. For example if I grow 5% less poinsettia. I can grow 20% more of some crop for Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know the cannabis industry well enough to know if production queues are an issue.