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Science vs bro science

So this is some really great info if you have time and it’s 100% peer reviewed facts another great resource is the Ruth stout method look it up you will learn lots the show that I linked is a great resource aswell many other deep dives in vermicapost true compost ect. Also thought this was a good spot for this if not feel free to move it ect

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Linda Chalker Scott will have you think things you never would…we actually got off a youtube show and want to readdress and discuss what a 4 hour video made us rethink…

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Her website has a rediculous am out of info and I really like how candid she is and how she use referrals to other crops ect very cool and the fact she talks a bit about long term renewable organic is possible and cost effective also the tea vs compost pretty interesting the compost tested better ect very cool stuff took me 2 days to watch it but great info. Same for Ruth stout she is was a crazy old lady that just could garden and I love learning and seeing new ideas ect I maybe able to utilize

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This changed how I do things…as I stated above… but most of her other beliefs lets me know I am doing living soil correct…lol…so yeah it was an awesome youtube channel that was introduced to me…