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Scientists call on feds to allow research on CBD for pets

Good news animal lovers! People have definitely noticed benefits in CBD for their animals, and hopefully we’ll get the FDA or other federal agencies to allow research.


Both of my mothers Dogs have back problems so bad one of them ( sparky) could not even use his hind legs. We have been giving them about 5Mg a day for over 3 months.My mom says that she has noticed a massive improvement and Sparky has started to walk again somewhat normally. I am all for correct dosing of animals if it helps alleviate pain and/or swelling.
My mom has been a staunch conservative most of my life and fought me on the benefits of cannabis since I was 14 .Needless to say she has come a full 180 and is starting to consider using it on her horses.


That’s great news @Hunter , I know many people that treat their animals with both CBD (and THC) with great success. I know it can also be a bit of a touchy subject with some people too (maybe more on the THC treatment side,) we’ve had member post up in our public autoflower grow forum in the past about treating pets and it didn’t take long for animal activists to start showing up (literally, the post was like a trigger just waiting for the perfect conditions.) I hope with some of these agencies doing research on it that it can get the backing and support it needs for people feel comfortable with the information (sometimes it just takes coming out of the right mouth!)


CBD does almost the same in animals as Rimadyl expect it does not destroy their kidneys and liver IMO. I was a Veterinary Technician for over 7 years in SF and Monterey Ca.