Secret microgrow

This is my first time growing so i’d really apriciate any suggestions or ideas.

I’d just like to get some bud for myself and so far its going prettyy good



You growing in Algeria?


This is the coolest thing I’ve seen. What are you using for your watering/feeding? Do you try to filter the smell?


Nice my freind has a shop where they sell this equipment for fish waste to plant nutrients called aquaponics like you didn’t know that @devjyarn i hope you knew ifnot now we all know. And it isvery cool. He grows everthing in hydroton clay pebbles.


Do you have a fan in there to circulate the air? Also with three plants in one pot is going to cause them to fight for nutrients if that’s all the room u have I’d put them in solo cups until u can sex them. Imo


Im using flora trio for feeding but this whole project of mine started because i was bored in quarantine, and now that things are looking a little better (and nobody cares that much anymore in my country) it looks like im gonna go back to school at the end of november, (my school is like 200km away from this house) so i needed to make a watering system. And i did just yesterday:

pic when everything is in place:

and then if you really took shit out of my closet youd find this:

-water (normal pond pump)

and here are my nutes going to be: (the pump that pumps air into aquariums with the airstone is pressuring the bottle and so the nutrient water goes up)

i still need one timer for it to work tho

Green - nutes Black - water

I also did this

this bad boy makes sure that whenever someone closes the door that stand in their way and discovering my plant the whole thing shuts off
thats the door:

And for the filtration im not using anything because of my money deficiency haha plus the fishing bag is not really air tight. I was thinking that im either gonna buy some of the anti smell scens or im gonna buy the cannabis that is used for fabric and tell my parents that thats the smell maker.


Nice little setup you’ve got @jessi23. You thought of everything. Your very handy at the diy project’s.


I do have a fan. And my main plant was lookin like its going to die so i planted two more seeds like fuck it. Main plant recovered and those two grew. Theyre all feminized so i think im gonna keep them and when one is significally bigger than the others i might kill them of. Also one of the plants was showing light stress sympthoms so if it dies im gonna have a replacement, or at least that was the idea. I should probably tripple the nutrients now right?

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Thank you :slight_smile:



It now looks like this:

the box under that is for the excess watter, its easily removable. But im gonna have to mask it a little more later


this looks pretty neat


Also i only have 36w led so far but the plants arent stretching much, how long do you think that will be enough? Maybe if you could recomend some small cheap quality leds thatd be awesome


i’m impressed. very clever

36w of LED should be good for about 30cm x 30 cm grow space.

I really would consider something for the smell. The smell can be too much to ignore once you get about half way into flower, and it might bring up some questions.

It looks like you’ve found a solution for every problem you’ve come across; I love the watering/feeding system. Keep it up!


I’d wait a few more weeks before u triple the nutes just go slow at first double them then see and if need triple them. this will help prevent nute burn


Its even less than 30x30 lol, so then my next ivestment is probably going to be the carbon filter. Any super cheap suggestions? I just need like a small one considering the size of my grow space right? Also are there any alternatives to carbon filter because the fishing bag is not really airtight at all and id like to keep the sounds to minumum. When i started i figured im gonna grow some sort of a really scenty plant on my window simoutaneusly, or anything that smells like weed would be perfect, so that when anyone asks i can just tell them to smell that plant. But if that doesnt work out how would i go about installing the carbon filter (theres like a lot of holes in that bag) I should probably create a negative pressure right? so that all the air is comming in throught the holes instead of out, and does that negative pressure affect the plants in any way?

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A tiny carbon filter and a 4" fan would be the “buy it from the store” solution, but I’m sure you can come up with some cool ideas. I like your idea of having other plants to cover up the smell.

You’ve got the right idea about negative pressure, and no it won’t hurt the plants.


Just prune all the side branches and grow three single stem buds. No reason to waste two fem seeds since they are already up and healthy. JMHO.


When should i prune those side brunches? And how would i go about LST because i really need to make them shorter

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