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See what's going on in your environment

Well after a lot of sleepless nights and many hours of swearing and fighting with bits of code, youtube and google are a valuable resources, the latest version of our application is up and and live. This is still an early version with a number of tweaks coming but we are happy enough with it at this stage to put it out there.

The aim is to be give you quick and easy access to the data that lets you understand what is going on in your grow environment. We are looking for feedback on the type of data and metrics you would like to see on a dashboard of your grow environment.

Images are from the Desktop version of the website and cover what we offer in price of theMinder:

The initial dashboard view of current (within the last 30 seconds) readings.

With the stats expanded showing the Average, Min and Max for the past 24hrs

Dashboard with multiple units displayed (this needs some work)

The configuration where you can set your alert levels:

And up to 7 days of historical data charted (additional data packages available):

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Great post Pete @PLGrowSystems!

These pictures of your automation dashboard are interesting.

I am looking forward to reading our growers feedback on your system.

Now wondering what does other metrics and data look like that our growers are using for their operations?:thinking:

Success Coach


This looks great! I’ve been wanting some sort of user interface like this. Are there any plugins for raspberry pi powered monitoring equipment?


Will this also have moisture and ec sensors for the grow media?


Great job, @PLGrowSystems!!!


We actually started off using the raspberry pi for our earlier development, I’d be happy to have a chat about what you are looking for if you drop me a private message we can chat further.



These are both on the product roadmap


Great product, could we use this in our grow facilities and is the monitoring process Wifi, or fibre,is each plant monitored and how large is the scale you can go to, if we had farms in nine different locations can the combined data be colated in a central position? Ie can the information be read at head office allowing earlier intervention and mitigating problems later.

Love to see if an international partnership is possible

Can this have an international application NZ or Australia



This is a WiFi based system, for the current product which is theMinder (temperature and humidity) it would not be one per plant but more likely one every 5m or so. Depending on the granularity/resolution of the data you were after would determine the density of senors.

All of the data is centralised so you can look at all of your various locations from a single interface from anywhere with an internet connection. Our solution is cloud based, so you can be out on the road and still keep and eye on things and get alerts etc…

The devices require a 5V micro USB power supply which makes it easy to use them anywhere in the world so NZ or Australia are not a problem.

For corporate/commercial clients we offer a white label service so that you have it branded to look like you and your staff can all of have their own logins and alert assignments.

I would be more than happy to jump on a call and discuss further.



Send me your number i’m happy to call you