Seed Genders From Feminized Plants

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I’m interested in trying to grow for the first time and am looking for some guidance on a seed gender related question. I have been saving seeds from some popular flower strains that came from feminized plants and was wondering if the seeds that come from feminized plants are always female, or if they can sometimes be male? I’m wanting to stick to feminized seeds to avoid accidentally growing a male plant, so any information provided is appreciated!


Your chances are lower with fem seeds. Always a possibility.

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Welcome to GN. Like @Slym3r says, but its worth a try growing them out. They should produce fem seeds.


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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Let me clarify some of the info. If a feminized seed was grown and budded and received male pollen it can be boys and girl in the seeds since the male pollen reintroduces the y chromosome back into the gene pool, if the feminized plant was grown and she grew her own pollen sacks as a Hermie and pollenated herself then u will have feminized seeds resulting. Sounds like u got seeds from a plant that was born from a feminized seed and those seeds are in question, well was there a male around or did u notice pollen sacks in the bud?