Seed harvesting. How i do it

So ive tried lots of ways to remove seeds. Its all time consuming either way. But i have a little electric de-seeder box I use. It helps a lot. Its a little messy but it takes me 45 minutes per 1/2lb of of flower material i run through it.


Super cool! Did you make it yourself? How does it work?


No a friend of mine who is an herbalist made this box/machine. So it has a fan inside the

And you put in dried flower broken up down the front shoot ramp. The fan blows it from behind and it drops into the second ramp. The and the air blows the shake and keef and anything thats lighter than seeds up over the ramp And then the seeds fall into the drawer to the left. And all the shake goes into the right drawer. Then i run the material through a couple different times to clean it up a bit more.


Best mousetrap ever…only catching the little bastardos by their balls. Genius little contraption.

*****kinda like a Tesla valve, creating a venturi for the light or high surface area stuff…cool design


There some more effective bigger designs on youtube. But this one is designed for an herbalist. Not cannabis. But it de-seeds all kinda of things like rice hulls and some other cool edible grains. I like its small and i can put it in a cuboard.


Ok here is another batch of my seeds done. This is my femmanized monkey Slapz.
Father/mother: Runtz. grown from my S2 seeds. Original cross. gelato F33 x Zkittles = Runtz
Mother: Slapz = Greasemonkey x Runtz.
I took the Runtz STS’d it and pollinated a clone of the Slapz.
I think i have like 10k seeds.


Awesome man. I dig the contraption… You could single handedly end world sobriety!
Johnny Phukin Appleseed…As god is my witness, I thought Turkey’s could fly!


Lol thanks hahah. A good laugh.


Ok de seeded like 5 strains in 3 hours. I have 9 more strains to go and im finished.

Also 8m highly allergic to raw pollen and keefe. I forgot to put on my sleeves as i was doing the goji crasher STS female/male and it had lots of pollen flower clusters i got it on my arms a tiny bit. But at least i had on my respirator mask on because if i breathe pollen im screwed for 2 days on tasting and smelling anything.

The king kong made 6,000+ seeds. And since i do a lot of reversing plants you cant smoke the keefe off the plants so it throw away sadly


Are the Purple Rain on the seed list @PreyBird1?


Dude u should see the one @repins12 got geminigenetics got a bad ass one too a cat on ig made for him in trade for cash and seeds byrnt in logo and all it lookt kick ass man. Ill try and find a pic i had a screenshit of it but got a new phone and not all pics r on this one


There not officially on the list…But there ready to go. Because i literally shucked them last night!

So i suppose i will sell a few :man_shrugging:


@PreyBird1 nice tread may have to try and buy some before they’re gone looks like a very sweet strain