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Seeded plants

I have plants that are seeded but I only found four nanners.while in veg my timer screw came loose and they went into bud on their own.they are approximately three weeks into bud and have been making many question is can I remove the seeds and finish them.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but even one nanner up high can pollinate a whole plant or possibly even a whole room. You should spray the room/ tent down with water to keep the pollen from spreading then carefully remove any bananas you can find and just keep plucking them if you see more in the future. Then just let the plants finish growing. It won’t be as potent as a unpollinated plant but it’ll still do the job.


what you could have done is went out and about this spray forget the name of it I have it at my house I’m just not there right now I think I paid like twenty bucks for 29 bucks and basically what it does is if you have a hermaphrodite you spray just sitting down all the seats down with this potion that I bought and it’s supposed to feminize all the seeds which would give you a shit ton of female seeds. A few years back it got cold real early and I had a couple at 12 weekers and had to move them inside, they had like 4 weeks left at least maybe 6 and had already been through 3 Frost’s and survived. So I moved them inside and I noticed about a week later one of them started to turn on me. I moved the one that was fine upstairs and started to flush. Followed directions on the " femenizing" spray and I got a bunch of seeds keept like 80 gave rest away. Used prolly 30 of the 80 I had over past couple years in random indoor grows and knock on wood all have been female ( I got like 10 that’s never sprouted/ however no one else I gave bitched eaither)