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Seedling help

Hey guys and gals,

I got a seed from my friend the other day and I was super pumped to get this thing germinated. Did the whole water in a cup, then paper towel and ziplock bag method. My seed did successfully germinate and the tap root came out pretty far. So I’m even more excited, I decided to throw it in a pot and get this thing going but I haven’t seen it come up yet. Now it’s only been two days but what can I do to ensure this seedling sprouts?

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Give it time next day or 2… Do not over water… Barely water keep media moist… You should Google seedling growth and read up


Put a clear plastic cup over your seedling but first spray the inside of cup with water that will help with humdity

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Yo it came up thank you guys!


Congrats @arsenioj babies love humidity and don’t like extreme light just yet :call_me_hand::seedling::herb::palm_tree: