Seedling leaves are suddenly turning brown and dying

Novice here, first time growing. About five days ago a few of the leaves on my plants began turning light brown and some very small leaves on a small plant began curling up and appear to be dying. The plants get plenty of light and I lightly water them twice a day with Blue Plant Nutrients liquid fertilizer; “Grow” (2-1-6), “Micro” (5-0-1), and “Grow” (0-5-4). Their recommended mixture is 5ml of each per 1/2 gallon water.
What is causing this condition? Is there something I can do to prevent them from dying?
Thanks for the assistance!

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Welcome to the community. Hopefully you can gain some knowledge and friends. A lot of cool people to help you succeed. From what I see you are over watering your plants. They only need a few ml,s of water every other day at best. From pictures it looks very wet. Let them dry out and Roots get some air. Peace


Thank you!


You are welcome. Just tag me if ya need anything. Glad to help if I can.


Can I save them or do you think they are going to die?


They are not going die imo. Just let them dry put a fan on lightly to move some air. Are those peat pots?

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Will do. The containers are the Jiffy pots. For planting medium, I use a sifted mixture of Jungle Growth Potting soil, Black Kow compost, and vermiculite.

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Yeah solo cups imo are better. You can cut slits in the bottom to allow for drainage and air.


I will give those a try on my next batch!


Your gonna love this site. Welcome!

So your plants won’t die, more than likely. One of the portions of your technique in growing is patience.

Most of the time your waiting for soil to dry to feed/water the next round.

You can do a weight test. Get used to the weight of a wet pot and when it gets light you feed.
You can do the finger test. Put your finger in the soil up to your your first bend. If soil sticks, its to wet still.

What kind of soil are you using?
Some soils come with nutrients that can make the soil “hot” and when you feed additional nutrients to the seedlings, it can be to much for them.

What lights are you using?
What is the distance of the bulb to the top of the plant?
What is the light schedule you are using?

Temps and RH.
What are the temps and relative humidity in your area?

Also what size area are we working with? Tent, room?

Sorry for the question bombardment. These questions will help give the most accurate information possible.


With all the nutes you are giving them, they should not have any deficiencies…but if you keep them too wet the soil will lock up the nutes. Also if you are not, you need to start testing the PH of your water, if it is to high it will lock up the nutes and they will turn to salts and not be available to your plants. So if you don’t have one get a PH meter, if at all possible use distilled/RO/ or rain water. Chlorine in tap water is also bad for them. When you water get the PH to around 6.0 then add your nutes…then test the PH again and adjust it up or down to 5.5-5.8 PH. Then water after the soil drys out. Calibrate the PH meter every time you use it, which will require you get some 7.0 PH solution for the calibration part, it sounds a lot more complicated than it is. PH meters have a cap that you put on the end, fill that cap with the 7.0 calibration solution and then (follow instructions that came with the meter) to calibrate the meter. To many nutes, to high PH and to much water are the top three reasons for failure with small plants. HTH


Welcome Hi @ArtVandalay
Looks like sunburn to me inside the white circle.
What do you mean by plenty of light?
Please tell us as much as possible about the lighting.

Are you watering 2x a day just because or is the medium drying out?

After my seeds sprout, I don’t feed actual nutrients for at least 2-3 weeks but I do foliar feed light.
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Kyle M

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Hi FarmerK;
The grow lights I use are the following combination of LEDs:
3 IR(730-735nm) – good for flowers and fruit.
3 UV(390-395nm) – seeding and sterilization.
19 BLUE LEDs(460-470nm) – help plants with chlorophyll synthesis.
3 WHITE LEDs(6500k) – increase temperature and enhance photosynthesis.
47 RED LEDs(620-660nm) – contribute to photosynthesis,germination,flowering and results.

For the past couple of weeks they have been getting about six hours of filtered sunlight. It has not been hot here yet.
It was suggested that they were too moist, so I have been letting them dry before watering. I stopped using fertilized water and just use regular water now.
I found a small (about 1" long) brown worm on the largest plant the other day and picked it off and gently sprayed each plant with Neem oil solution.
I shot the attached photos this morning, I don’t understand what I am doing wrong because the "mature " parts of the plants are discolored and the new growth is fine.
Obviously, I am new to these plants but I am widely successful in growing veggies and hot peppers; both from seeds and small plants.
I really appreciate the assistance and suggestions!


When u plant into bigger pot id suggest ripping the sides of the cup or try and cut out the bottom. Them cups do t break down fast enough for a plant and will keep the roots restricted for the most part. Ask me how i know. Had a plant grew great but after the end went to grab the stalk to get root ball out and the root ball was not much bigger than the cup itself. A few roots stretched out and made way but most. Were still in the cup which came out with the root ball mind u. So anything to free the roots to the media u r planting in would be much better for ur grow. Good luck be careful not to harm the roots while removing pcs of the cup for roots to go free