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I am looking for a auto flower seed company that is not overseas. I want to buy American and looking for a small genetic company that needs business. if i google autoflower seeds, all of the big companies from Spain come up first and i want to support the little guy. I’ve bought from @firebudzgenetics and mandalorian genetics after hearing them on the autoflower podcast. i know for sure, if it wasn’t for the podcast, I would not of heard of those companies thru my google search. Help me find a good genetic company please. WHO DO YOU GUYS RECOMMEND FOR AUTO SEEDS?

Hi @igonz22, CropKing and Growers Choice are just a couple american companies that have a wide variety of auto flowering seeds that are good quality. I dont particularly like auto seeds and prefer regular seeds, but I dont doubt the reasons they are so popular.


If your interested I have quite a few I can see this is old but lmk I’m on afn also same handle

Were your seeds any good?
How did they turn out from Mandalorian Genetics?

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